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Swimdress - Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
Cerise Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Swimdress - Emblem Rhombus Swimdress
Emblem Rhombus Swimdress
$96.00   $67.20
Swimdress - Lotus Tie-Front Swimdress
Lotus Tie-Front Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Swimdress - Dahlia V-Neck Swimdress
Dahlia V-Neck Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Swimdress - Black Handkerchief Swimdress
Black Handkerchief Swimdress
$84.00   $58.80
Swimdress - Briar Halter Swimdress
Briar Halter Swimdress
$78.00   $54.60
Swimdress - Black Underwire Swimdress
Black Underwire Swimdress
$78.00   $54.60
Swimdress - Amethyst Serenade Swimdress
Amethyst Serenade Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Swimdress - Wine Crossover Swimdress
Wine Crossover Swimdress
$82.00   $57.40
Swimdress - Sorbet Underwire Swimdress
Sorbet Underwire Swimdress
$78.00   $54.60
Swimdress - Longitude Sparkler Tie-Front Swimdress
Swimdress - Passport Swimdress
Passport Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40
Swimdress - Mint Lingerie Swimdress
Mint Lingerie Swimdress
$72.00   $50.40

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You know that feeling you get when you slip into your little black dress and head out on the town? Swimdress swimwear brings that experience to the sand! Plus size swimdresses fit like a short dress for the street but are made from performance fabrics that are ready to take a plunge. The perfect choice of plus size swimwear for ladies who want an ultra feminine one piece swimwear look, swimdresses skim the thighs in both the front and back for a flattering effect that will have you strutting your stuff with confidence in the sun.

Plus size swimwear swimdresses come in a wide range of looks with options to suit every fashion sense to perfection. One way to start your search for swimdress swimwear is to browse one of our curated collections. These groupings of plus size swimdresses have a similar theme to their styles, allowing you to quickly discover designs that are suited to your personality and tastes.

The Classic Collection of plus size swimwear dresses features suits that are always in style like a crisp white blouse and a pair of jeans. With beautiful patterns and solid-colored designs, these plus size swimdresses let you look sophisticated as you swim. Silhouettes include empire styles with high waist lines and classic A-line shapes, both of which complement curves of many different body shapes.

For plus size swimdresses that are sexy and alluring, head to our Chic Collection of plus size swimwear. The solid-colored and patterned swimdress swimwear designs you'll find here include plus size swimdresses that allow you to show off your figure with features like plunging V necklines and deep halters. Cuts range from fitted sheaths to A-line styles to empires, giving you the freedom to choose a design that will accentuate your best features.

When you hit the mall, you can take along a friend to give you honest opinions about plus size swimwear. swimsuitsforall brings that concept to shopping for plus size swimdresses with our team of Swim Stylists. Our experts can help you narrow down the options and focus on the swimdress swimwear designs that are most likely to look amazing on you and reflect your individual flair for fashion. You can count on our experts to help you find the ideal swimdress and to ensure that you choose the right size. Call us today at 1.888.241.SWIM to speak to one of our Swim Stylists.

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